All-New Peugeot–The New King of the Road


Are you a car-lover? If yes, here is the All-New 308 5 door Peugeot, which will make even the driest of the car enthusiast turn their head as they see this car of the year.

The all-New 308 5 door Peugeot has been voted as the ‘European Car of the Year’ for 2014. Daring and intuitive are probably the best adjectives that can fit in to describe this stylish new king on the road. It took 58 senior European motoring journalists, from 22 different European nations, to decide the car of the year for 2014 and undoubtedly, they took the best decision!

All-New 308 5 door peugeot won the title among the 30 new car models from all across the world. The car has many things on offer for the car lovers. The anti-scratch paintwork along with the strong materials on the dashboard are so built to reduce the piling up of the dusts. The chassis is of high strength and durable steel, which can withstand a drive of more than 4,000,000 km! The strong, intuitive, and responsive driving experience is yet another reason you will love driving this new four-wheeler. Before introducing it on the market, enough durability testing has been done along with 1,800 quality controls,  which means quality is the top priority for the Peugeot 308 5. Keeping the carbon emission in mind, the engine is also designed with a streamlined and efficient ethos. The elegant yet premium looking bodywork gives it a sleek and smart outlook. The intuitive cockpit makes the driving experience smoother than ever before.

Other High-End Peugeot Car Models 

The stylish Peugeot 208 5

If you are wondering why you must choose Peugeot 208 5 door, there are a number of reasons to help you get out of the ambiguity. With the regenerated driving experience in all its true terms, with respect to the architectural, technological and ergonomically developments, Peugeot 208 5 is a new-age car. For those who love the sporty look of the four wheelers, Peugeot 208 has all the contemporary designs along with the accurate mix of smartness and agility. Lighting is one of the major features of the car, which gives it the exotic outlook. With the redesigned driving position, it has an eye-level instrument panel and responsive steering wheel, which will give an intuitive driving experience. The 7″ colour touch screen helps in GPS tracking, bluetooth activation, etc. The reduced CO2 emission and less noise makes the journey comfortable.

The giant Peugeot 5008 7

Peugeot 5008 7 seat wagon is yet another sophisticated choice if you have planned on organizing family adventures. As the name suggests, this seven-seated car is much spacious to accommodate all your baggage, bikes, boxes, etc. But what makes it interesting is the panoramic glass roof and also a sunblind shade. ABS brakes, airbags are the common features associated. The high-angle steering wheel and wide windscreen will help you dominate the road. One of the finest features is that the rear-view camera gets automatically activated when the care goes in reverse direction. 6-speed automatic transmission of the engines has optimized fuel efficiency.

So what are you waiting for? Just look for the Peugeot dealership near you and get one for you today!!!

The All-New 308 Touring Peugeot is Rocking on the Road


The All-New 308 touring Peugeot is a great car which has caught the attention of experts and car lovers all over Europe. The new Peugeot 308 is already enjoying accolades from different authorities. Recently, it has got the European Car of the year trophy, and has already secured a position in the TMR’s top-ten best buys of 2015. In style, feature and performance, the car can easily compete with the most popular brands such as Mazda3 or Volkswagen Golf. From the innovative interior design to strong exterior surface, this new 308 touring is just impressive.

Overall design

The company has not compromised on quality. The all-new 308 Touring Peugeot has undergone extensive testing by the most experienced, professional quality experts to make it second to none. All technological innovations are utilized in this car accompanied with supreme new design to gift the car loving people a stylish aristocratic car. Best materials available in the world are used to give a strong and durable structure. The car is completely sound- proof for comfortable and hassle free riding. Big spaces and high-quality seating arrangement with unfolding facility for bigger place have made it a perfect family car.

Interior design and technical specialties

The steering is very sensible and small, which any driver can control easily. The driving position is very sporty and compact. The dials are positioned perfectly above the steering to give a comfortable look of the road. The 9.7” color touch screen bears all types of controls like audio, climate control, navigation etc. at the finger tips, thus making it the most user –friendly car.  Its interior design has received The Most Beautiful Interior Design award of the year 2013 at the 29th International Automobile Festival. The cockpit also contains a six-speaker sound system, blue tooth and audio streaming and USB/AUX inputs.

The car comes with a 625-litre boot space and it is almost 140kg lighter than its predecessor Peugeot 308 CC. It has a stylist Flat rear seat, which allows the owner to instantly fold down the two sides of the back seat with handy switches. As a result, larger boot area spanning almost 1,740 litres is created whenever required. With carbon di-oxide  emissions of just 111g/km, the car is one of the least carbon-di-oxide emitter. Not only that, with fuel consumption as low as 5L/100km, and having Euro 6 BlueHDi diesel automatic engine, the 308 Touring is more efficient than Peugeot 508.

Fabulous driving experience

Undoubtedly, with all the above-mentioned features, the All-New 308 touring Peugeot has become an owner’s pride. The car shines in all subjects from inexpensive touring to carbon emission and is just fabulous. It has an excellent driving experience with a touch of sportiness. Like old Peugeot models such asPeugeot 208 GTI, the car can easily go around anywhere like a sporty car with the comfort of a luxury car.

As a whole, the car is fuel efficient, spacious, and technologically sound. In style and aristocracy, it is comparable with any other expensive brand, but worth is much affordable to all classes of car lovers. http://www.citypeugeotbrisbane.com.au/

Benefits of professional car importing companies


Looking forward to buy a car? Want the best car that will certainly satisfy all of your unique needs? Then you might consider giving Jap imports a shot. Getting the right choice of vehicle and figuring out the right place to buy them could be pretty tricky at times. In as much as you would like to purchase the best vehicle in the collection, you would also love to save a couple of bucks for a holiday trip or some recreational activity. You therefore have to be very keen while making the purchase.

Quite a number of people have resorted to directly import cars from Japan. Even though the procedures that are involved could be long and pretty tiresome, you can rest assured that you will get the best car in the selection. To avoid all the related hassles, one may as well consider obtaining the services of car importers. In as much as this could always be of advantage to the buyer, picking the right importer could be pretty challenging. There are certain features that should be looked at as a guide to help you make the right choices. Some of the considerations that need to be kept in mind include:


The experience of the importer in the Jap imports arena should be scrutinized carefully before actually making your decision. A company that has been in the industry for a pretty long time raises the chances of obtaining a great vehicle. This is due to the fact that they have facilitated several of such transactions and as such, have all the knowledge that is needed to make a successful import. Also the experience of the company speaks quite a lot about. For the company to survive in the competitive industry for a long time, it only means that its services are acquired by a number of customers. This should be a sign that they deliver good services. You can therefore rely on them to successfully transact for you Jap imports. Auto Project


While acquiring a vehicle, everyone has unique needs and varying tastes. It is therefore important to access a wide variety of vehicles so one can make decisions properly. While choosing a car importer, you should ensure that they are capable of making a wide variety of Jap imports. This tends to leave you at the best position to make your choice of the vehicle that is bound to match your every need.


In as much as establishing the reputation and reliability of a car importer could be somewhat challenging, it is very crucial. This can often be done by having a look at the reviews from previous clients or by asking friends and colleagues who have used their services. With a reputable and reliable importer, chances are high that you will get the best vehicle available.

Looking at these among several other factors can surely help you get the best import cars Japan has to offer. You will be saved all the stresses that you would have otherwise undergone had you done it yourself. http://autoproject.com.au/japanese-car-import-process

What Choices Can You Get From a Peugeot Dealer?


The world of Peugeot vehicles is always expanding to include some impressive new options. Today you can get in touch with a Peugeot dealer to find different models that the prominent brand is selling right now.

Great New SUV Options Are Available

Peugeot prides itself in being one of the top names in SUVs in Australia. The line of SUVs for sale from Peugeot include such popular choices as thePeugeot 2008 SUV, a model that features a crossover design that can work with five or six speeds depending on the engine being used.

Meanwhile, the Peugeot 3008 SUV can also be considered. This is a model that features a slightly larger body that can handle a 2.0L diesel engine and is even available in its own hybrid variant.

Peugeot prides itself on having strong I4 engines on its SUV models. The Grip Control feature that stabilizes traction in some of the slipperiest conditions around is an especially attractive bonus that all drivers will enjoy using.

Vans Are Ideal To Have

Peugeot dealer will also sell a variety of vans made by the prominent brand. These vans include such noteworthy choices as the Partner van, a model with its own bench seat and a wide open load access point that makes it easier for people to load items into the van.

The Expert van is another option to find here. It is a comfortable van that can handle more than 1,200 kg of weight at a given time. This is a powerful setup that is easy to hold and use as demanded. This van also has a bench seat that can fold down in a variety of configurations, thus allowing for more space to be used when storing items as necessary. This can be perfect for those looking for ways to keep their storage needs under control.

The RCZ Is a Thrill

The traditional car options that can be found at a Peugeot dealer include some prominent choices that have stood out for years. These include thePeugeot RCZ Coupe, a popular vehicle that has a stunning and detailed look that features a powerful engine in a petrol or diesel form. It uses an I4 turbo engine and works with six speeds in either an automatic or manual form depending on the model that is chosen. The vehicle has a powerful and sturdy design that makes it stand out and work wonders.

The RCZ R is a slightly stronger vehicle that uses a 1.6 Turbo 199 kW engine. It works at six speeds and is also light in weight, thus keeping the vehicle from using more fuel than what may be necessary. This is convenient for those looking for ways to get their vehicles to really stand out and run as well as possible.

Peugeot is a great brand in the world of vehicles and has options for anyone in Brisbane to try out. You can contact Brisbane City Peugeot at 07 3067 4085 for more information on the many different vehicles that you can order through this prominent dealer or to schedule a test drive of one of these fine cars. http://www.citypeugeotbrisbane.com.au/

Restore Your BMW to Factory Condition with BMW Smash Repairs in Melbourne


Your BMW is one of those high-value investments that you have made in your life. It is a status car and a unique car on Australian roads that you are proud to own. But whatever the steps that you undertake in order to keep your BMW in the best condition and with the best performance possible, some damages are simply inevitable when it comes to your prized auto possession and that is why sometimes you might need some BMW smash repair for your vehicle.

While you might take the best precautions in order to drive safely and keep your BMW in perfect condition, accidents are generally unavoidable. Someone may decide to reverse suddenly and smash into our vehicle or you could smash someone else-s vehicle resulting in some terrible damages on your prized BMW or Audi. When such a dreaded collision happens, you can still restore your BMW to the best condition possible through an affordable Audi smash repair centre or BMW smash repair centre.

The Audi or BMW smash repair centres generally give you access to collision repair facilities of the greatest quality and efficiency. The best repair centres will impose the highest and most rigid standards to ensure top quality workmanship, safety and integrity so as your BMW is restored to a flawless condition after a collision.

One place in Melbourne where you can get the best quality BMW smash repair is the Active Motorwerke Smash Repair. This is one of the best and most affordable Audi service centers in Melbourne. The company uses only approved Audi and BMW parts which are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. This assures you of the greatest reliability and quality in Melbourne.

The technicians at the Active Motorwerke Smash Repair centre in Melbourne have undergone extensive training in top-notch quality smash repair services. They are highly skilled in the proper use of the best auto-repair equipment in order to achieve marvelous results on your vehicle. They make use of the tools as well as the technologies that will ensure that your vehicle meets BMW’s strictest standards even after a terrible collision which destroys your vehicle. If you are looking for upgrade BMW car Melbourne offers, these are the right guys for you. They will offer a top notch smash repair service that will maintain both the quality as well as the value of your BMW car. Your BMW will literally look flawless after a smash repair at Active Motorwerke.

Restore Your BMW to Factory Condition

This is what you get when you take your BMW to a professional smash repair service after a collision. The company works within the set BMW set standards and tolerances when applying the repairs on your vehicles. When it comes to the smash repairs of your BMW, it is important to note the choice of the repair service where you will take your BMW for the smash repairs lies with you, the policyholder, and not the insurer. So you have the freedom to search for and choose the most suitable and most affordable smash repair service in Melbourne. Do not, therefore, hesitate to book an appointment with Active Motorwerke in Melbourne for the most professional and cost-effective BMW repairs services. http://activemotorwerke.com.au/smash-repair

Peugeot 4008 And The Reasons To Buy It


Everyone has an emotion attached to his car. If it is your first car then the emotion is definitely superfluous. Everybody tries to save penny by penny to buy his dream car. Dream cars are often from some of the best car manufacturing companies in the world. Peugeot is a French car manufacturing company which has the tagline, ‘Motion and Emotion.’ It is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world and is known to deliver some of the best cars in the world. Matching the standards of the people in Australia, Peugeot has been experimenting with new models of cars for a long time now. It has been introducing new cars as well as giving the customers a chance to deal with second hand or old cars. In short, it is giving every chance to its customers to live, feel and experiment with Peugeot. One such newly launched car is the Peugeot 4008 SUV. Style and elegance are both combined in this car and it suits the refined taste of the user. The agility and the high performance are never to be ignored and the car ensures a mind-blowing performance even on the roughest of roads. Think of a compact car and this is the car for you.

The Reasons To Choose 4008

If the reasons for choosing Peugeot 4008 have to be summarized, then they are definitely stylish design, a comfortable interior, park assist and a reverse camera and a push button start.  When it comes to style, no one can beat 4008. The floating grille, the optics design, LED daylight running lamps along with the front headlights and the three red claws make the car all the more maneuverable. Peugeot 4008 provides ample space for your legs and there is a wonderful head rest so that comfortable movement is never compromised. There are sedans for both the drivers and the other passengers. Audio warning for rear parking and the 4 integrated sensors in the rear bumper are provided for the perfect safety of the driver so that he gets warned of any obstacle.

When the car is put into reverse, the reverse camera is automatically activated. 4008 is also unparalleled when it comes to other technologies. Hands-free start up is a landmark technology used in this masterpiece.

Peugeot RCZ Coupe

Launched in 2010, Peugeot RCZ Coupe is a sports car. It has been felicitated by the best sports car award for consecutive five terms. The various features include electric heated and adjustable seating with driver’s memory, leather seats and assist function with dashboard and hill. Brisbane City Peugeot

Peugeot 2008

The Peugeot 2008 SUV is perfect for rediscovering what driving is. A strong and elegant presentation characterizes the car. It is both compact and spacious, making every trip with the family or friends memorable.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 SUV is all about a wonderful design, elevated driving, rear view camera, modular boot, satellite navigation and a comfortable driving. It is one of the best family cars by Peugeot.

For more information you can visit the website of the manufacturer (check http://www.citypeugeotbrisbane.com.au/)

Keyz Rental: The Key to Financial Independence


Finding a job can be a very daunting task. You have gone to college, paid the fees diligently and even aced all the examinations but you still cannot find a suitable job. You may be in a job that does not help you pay the bills efficiently. You may also want to own your own business so as to take charge of your finances. What will you do? The bills need to be paid and you have to put food on your table. You cannot stay at home because eventually, you will need to get off the couch and take charge of your life. If you have a valid driving license then there may be some hope after all. With services such as Keyz rental cars you may actually have a shot at getting a part-time job or better yet a business owner!

Why Consider Keyz Rental Cars?

Flexible job timing: Everyone wants a job which is flexible so that you can have a shot at managing your time. With a flexible job, you can do tonnes of other things without having to worry that someone is on your back monitoring how you spend your hours. Flexibility is everything since it enables you to work on multiple projects if you want to make some extra cash. You also get to work at the time when you are most productive enabling you to make the most amount of money.

Great earnings: With a rental service like Keyz rental cars, you are your own boss and what’s more, you are able to earn a steady salary as you continue working. You are able to take advantage of the Uber market since most of these services offer rideshare services. Uber Rideshare allows you to take advantage of those clients with the Uber app allowing you to earn more cash.

Insurance: When you are operating a taxi business, you should have comprehensive insurance since you never know what will happen to you as you go about your work. Many rental services rent fully insured cars so as to eliminate the headache of having to deal with insurance providers. What’s more, in case you get an accident, many rental car services such as Keyz Rental Cars will help you repair the car and even give you another car as you wait for your car to get fixed. How great is that! Keyz

Resources at your disposal: Many people who would want to own taxi businesses usually give up easily because they do not have the money to buy a car. Good news is that with rental car services like Keyz Rental services you can actually have a new car without having to pay for it. All you need to do is register so that you can get considered by the company and if successful you will be provided with a car to use for your business.

Starting a taxi business is not very difficult if you have help from companies such as Keys Rental Cars. You can pay your bills comfortably and even own a successful business. Apply today to realize your dreams of career and financial independence.

A closer insight into the unique services offered by third party logistic services


Today, due to presence of modern, complex business activities, the utility of logistics has secured new dimensions. These days, logistics is not limited to moving the materials from one place to another. Now, logistics is a versatile activity which combines warehousing facility, order processing, distribution and host of other services. These 3rd party logistics, or services of 3pl Sydney companies offer, as they are popularly called, have become a very popular common support factor for every class of modern business enterprise.

Avoids wasteful expenditure:

Every business enterprise always tries to save as much money as possible by getting rid of wasteful expenditure. One such expenditure is building or leasing a warehouse. It is a fact that once the warehouse is built or taken on lease, the business enterprise will have to manage the warehouse. This involves a considerable amount of manpower. In addition to this, it also involves other expenses like power, rent and so on. Naturally, this will have an impact on the profit margin of the business enterprise.

Provides great relief to business enterprises:

On the other hand, modern third party logistics support is deemed to be extremely beneficial for the business enterprises. This is because these 3rdparty logistic companies take upon themselves the task of safeguarding the materials in its warehouse. In addition to this, it also takes up on itself the distribution of the materials to the persons identified by the clients. As a result, by availing the services of 3pl Sydney companies offer, the business enterprise can concentrate on other important business activities.

Now take a closer look at some of the unique features of the services of 3pl Sydney companies offer:

·        The third party logistics should have a spacious warehouse.  The warehouse should have mechanism that should ensure safety of the materials that are stored there. Details of consignment received from the client should be available on a real-time basis.

·        Another important service rendered by 3pl in Sydney is distribution or order processing. The third party logistics should be capable of processing orders received from the client. The logistics should carry out this task in close coordination with the client.

·        The Sydney 3pl companies should take appropriate action to deliver the consignment to the customer identified by the client. For this purpose, the logistics support may have to avail the services of a suitable truck. Thereafter, the logistics should ensure the goods are safely delivered to the designated customer at the appointed date and time. Plan A Logistics

·          If any of the consignments is returned by the customer, the third party logistics should immediately account for such return. Further the return should be immediately brought to the notice of the client.

·         The logistics support service should have adequately trained and experienced staff who has thorough knowledge on various aspects of warehousing, order processing and dispatch of materials.

Great boon to business enterprise:

The third party logistics is a unique service which has come as a great boon to the modern business enterprises. More and more business houses have started availing this unique facility.  This service has helped the business enterprises to effectively managing their overhead cost. Interestingly, the service charges of third party logistic companies are considerably economical. This speaks of the versatile utility of these services.  http://www.planalogistics.com.au/3pl-warehousing-warehouses-sydney/

6 Excellent Features to Look for When Buying a Vehicle

Every car owner has a reason for choosing one car over another though, of course, there are some basics each one expects to obtain from an automobile. These include safety features that ensure the driver and passenger remain safe in case the worst happens. Apart from safety, motorists also often look at the interior and exterior make of a car because all vehicle owners love comfort and performance. A car enthusiast should take a look at the latest Brisbane Citroen offers when shopping around for a car.

The Citroen model manufacturers are now incorporating latest technological advances to ensure motorists are secure behind the wheels. The DS3 has the DS LED Vision to deliver visibility to a driver. It also has striking features for one with an affinity for style. The strong personality of this car includes a floating roof as well as a shark fin that looks too attractive. When in need of this model, take a look at the latest Brisbane Citroens on offer.

Other admirable features a motorist will consider include:

  1. Remote Entry  In the last few years, the remote entry has undergone lots of changes. Each new car model has a unique remote key fob that opens the door in varying ways. Some on these keys can simply open the car door when one approaches the car with the key in the pocket. Take a look at the latest Brisbane Citroens from a trusted car dealer for a better example.
  2. Charging – For a motorist who travels a lot, there is the likelihood to charge electronic devices more often in the car than at the house or office. With advancing technology, there are electronic devices that work when touched. Fortunately, the Citroen falls in this category. A motorist who loves this kind of accessory can take a look at Brisbane Prestigemodels for a hands-on experience using this technology..
  3. Backup Cameras – These can be very useful gadgets for a motorist who needs to parallel park frequently. When this feature is available in a car, squeezing into a very tiny space becomes easy even for a shaky driver. The latest Citroen models have cameras that can monitor an area of 360 degrees around the vehicle and alert a driver when something is on the way. A car enthusiast could take a look at the latest models from a Brisbane new car dealer to have a visual on how  backup cameras work.
  4. Heated Seats – After some time in the rain or chilling cold, a driver will appreciate the warmth of a car seat. Of course, this may not feel like an important feature for one living in an area that has warm temperatures throughout the year. All the same, for inhabitants of very cold areas, this is a welcome add-on.
  5. Upgraded Wheels – Most motorists love the alloy rims. The good part about car wheels is that one can always upgrade them when they wish to.
  6. The Engine – Of course, this is the power behind the car’s performance. It determines the fuel efficiency of a car as well as its speed. The latest 3D Citroen gives a motorist freedom of expression through its advanced technology, elegance and personalized options available. A car shopper needs to take a look at a Brisbane used car dealer for subsidized prices of Citroen models.   http://brisbanecityautomotive.com.au/