The All-New 308 Touring Peugeot is Rocking on the Road

The All-New 308 touring Peugeot is a great car which has caught the attention of experts and car lovers all over Europe. The new Peugeot 308 is already enjoying accolades from different authorities. Recently, it has got the European Car of the year trophy, and has already secured a position in the TMR’s top-ten best buys of 2015. In style, feature and performance, the car can easily compete with the most popular brands such as Mazda3 or Volkswagen Golf. From the innovative interior design to strong exterior surface, this new 308 touring is just impressive.


Overall design

The company has not compromised on quality. The all-new 308 Touring Peugeot has undergone extensive testing by the most experienced, professional quality experts to make it second to none. All technological innovations are utilized in this car accompanied with supreme new design to gift the car loving people a stylish aristocratic car. Best materials available in the world are used to give a strong and durable structure. The car is completely sound- proof for comfortable and hassle free riding. Big spaces and high-quality seating arrangement with unfolding facility for bigger place have made it a perfect family car.

Interior design and technical specialties

The steering is very sensible and small, which any driver can control easily. The driving position is very sporty and compact. The dials are positioned perfectly above the steering to give a comfortable look of the road. The 9.7” color touch screen bears all types of controls like audio, climate control, navigation etc. at the finger tips, thus making it the most user –friendly car.  Its interior design has received The Most Beautiful Interior Design award of the year 2013 at the 29th International Automobile Festival. The cockpit also contains a six-speaker sound system, blue tooth and audio streaming and USB/AUX inputs.

The car comes with a 625-litre boot space and it is almost 140kg lighter than its predecessor Peugeot 308 CC. It has a stylist Flat rear seat, which allows the owner to instantly fold down the two sides of the back seat with handy switches. As a result, larger boot area spanning almost 1,740 litres is created whenever required. With carbon di-oxide  emissions of just 111g/km, the car is one of the least carbon-di-oxide emitter. Not only that, with fuel consumption as low as 5L/100km, and having Euro 6 BlueHDi diesel automatic engine, the 308 Touring is more efficient than Peugeot 508.

Fabulous driving experience

Undoubtedly, with all the above-mentioned features, the All-New 308 touring Peugeot has become an owner’s pride. The car shines in all subjects from inexpensive touring to carbon emission and is just fabulous. It has an excellent driving experience with a touch of sportiness. Like old Peugeot models such asPeugeot 208 GTI, the car can easily go around anywhere like a sporty car with the comfort of a luxury car.

As a whole, the car is fuel efficient, spacious, and technologically sound. In style and aristocracy, it is comparable with any other expensive brand, but worth is much affordable to all classes of car lovers.