Choosing ATV Tyres Based on Terrain Types

All Terrain Cars (ATVs) are rapidly acquiring appeal. For this reason, there’s an increasing need for ATV tyres. Putting new tyres on your ATV not only protects its prime effectiveness; it also enhances its efficiency. So, if you are looking for a tyre dealer Brisbane wide that offers ATV tyres, continue reading to know more.


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Why learn the different types?

ATV riders should learn about various ATV tyre types and their corresponding terrain types. Getting the right set of tyres maximizes your ATV’s efficiency.

What happens when you have the inaccurate tyre? Not only will it ruin your automobile; it can also lead to fatal accidents.

Hence, it is crucial to select the right ATV tyres before buying from a tyre dealer Brisbane has right now.

Types of ATV Tyres

ATV tyre types vary accordingly; many typical tyres work for many terrains. However, these specialized tyres include special functions that make them work well in particular environments.

1. Mud Tyres

ATV mud tyres can take you through the chunkiest and the deepest filth bogs and slops, in addition to other sloppy terrains you can discover.

Mud tyres also come with an irregular, wide-spaced, and deep directional tread pattern. This helps them grip better to rake through the mud.

While ATV mud tyres work well in mushy surfaces, it can be very uncomfortable in locations with difficult and rocky packs. If utilized on such surface, the tyres will deteriorate. Therefore, if you live in a muddy area, you should purchase mud tyres from a Brisbane tyre dealer.

2. All Terrain/Trail Tyres

As the name suggests, all terrain or trail tyres is the jack-of-all-trades. They work well in various surface types. These tyres are also comfortable in most locations. It is best for every adventurous rider who just can’t tame their wanderlust.

While these tyres perform well in the majority of scenarios, they are not entirely a replacement for specialized tyres designed for muddy and snowy roads. If you travel a lot, you can get All-Terrain tyres from a tyre dealer in Brisbane.

3. Racing Tyres

If you desire speed, you can use racing tyres. They have extraordinary handling and efficiency on flat surfaces.

These are available in a large range of tread profiles and compounds for front and rear tyres, where each tyre caters to a specific kind of track. They work perfectly fine as long as the tracks are medium to hard-packed surfaces.

4. Sand Tyres

Also called as paddle tyres because of its paddle-like crests on the back tyres, ATV sand tyres are for desert or beach locations—where the dominant terrain is sandy and loose.

While these are outstanding entertainers on dunes, sand tyres are not excellent in mud and rocky surfaces. So, if you are near a coastal area, invest in these tyres from a tyre dealer Brisbane currently has.

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